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AmrutDhara is a movement aimed at reducing the use of bottled water by offering a safe, cost-effective and environment friendly alternative through a social enterprise model while also raising awareness about the issues around bottled water around cost, quality and environmental degradation.

Industries: Environment, Waste Management/Sanitation, Manufacturing/Distribution
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The Work

2. Business sustainability

We will take on the problems associated with bottled water by putting in place water dispensers at stores/shops/kiosks run by vendors in public spaces where the purchase and use of bottled water is very high. The water dispensers are part of the amrutDhara eco-system. Revenues will be generated through the sale of water, machines and services.

3. Innovation

The water dispenser that takes a reusable container as input water forms the point-of-sale for AmrutDhara. We will sell water in increments of 250ml to consumers who can fill the water in their own bottles or glasses provided by the shopkeeper. We will be targeting all shops where bottled water or pouches are currently sold in public areas such as markets, bus and railway stations, tourist spots, hospitals and universities.

"Whenever I was stuck on the design I could hop on my moped and visit a local Aurovillian, Akash..My visits would last no longer than 30 minutes but each time I walked outside I felt like I had learned things that no book could ever teach me."

— Abel Tjantele Volunteer

"I must say it was amazing to be a part of AmrutDhara team. The atmosphere was always charged with new ideas and passion. The only con has been that this experience transformed me into an practicing environmentalist :D It has been about 3 months since I bought my last bottle of ‘mineral water’."

— Prashant Tripathi Intern


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