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Bima Mobile

Bima Mobile

Bima (Milvik AB) is a young company with over 10 million customers, focusing on innovative product development and distribution of microinsurance and other services to the mass market segment, in emerging markets. Bima operates in a dozen countries and is currently in a rapid growth phase across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. As Bima enters the India market, we are developing new ideas and services and seeking entrepreneurial people to work with us.

Industries: Insurance, Healthcare
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The Work

2. Business sustainability

Bima allows mobile operators to deliver financial support to their low-income subscribers in their time of need without bearing any of the risk. Most importantly, we guarantee a quality of service and standards that aim to out-perform the monoliths of the traditional insurance industry because we know that these end-users need it more than anyone else. Our microinsurance products enable operators to increase their ARPU, loyalty and customer acquisition.

3. Innovation

Microinsurance has still struggled to reach all of the people in need because of the difficulty in mass distribution and education to the poor in all areas. This is where mobile operators provide the key for mass adoption of microinsurance. Mobile operators are covering, or will rapidly cover, entire populations with their transmission and distribution networks.

"It is incredible to think that just 3 years ago we were setting up our first operations in Ghana and today we have launched in 11 markets, with 8 million subscribers — and more than 85% of these customers would not have access to financial protection if they did not have insurance from Bima."

— Gustaf Agartson CEO

"We also employ more than 1,500 people across these markets and hope to make an impact on all of our employee’s lives as well through the skills and values that Bima brings to our teams. And this is just the beginning!"

— Gustaf Agartson CEO


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