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Center for Knowledge Societies

Center for Knowledge Societies

Center for Knowledge Societies (CKS) is India’s leading innovation consulting practice which helps organizations systematically develop context specific products, services, and system based on an understanding of user needs and behavior. CKS’ structured approach to user-centered innovation has helped corporate's, nonprofits and governing organizations in emerging economies all over the world. CKS’ cross-sectoral working expertise spans across healthcare, financial products and services, educatio

Industries: Consulting, Agriculture, Education
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The Work

2. Business sustainability

The CKS approach, therefore, is more rigorous than mere “design thinking”, because it employs a highly-structured methodology for analysing different causes of failure as well as positive dimensions of value. It fractures an overall arc of innovation into numerous sub-component elements. The creativity of the design team comes into play at the microscale, once the key barriers or failures to a successful process have all be identified through an analytic process.

3. Innovation

CKS has developed its own approach to user-centered design and innovation called the CKS Innovation Cycle. It comprises three arcs: (i) Understand, (ii) Develop, (iii) Enhance.

"CKS is like a family now."

— Somnath Sengupta Design Researcher

"I love the laid back culture here."

— Deeksha Ahuja Program Officer


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