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I Say Organic

I Say Organic

I Say Organic is the beginning of a movement towards sustainable production & responsible consumption. We believe that is the path to fulfillment and happiness for all. Food, being the most basic requirement, is where we decided to start. Food with values of Respect and Responsibility; Respect for the life giving and nourishing processes of nature and Responsibility towards personal actions and thinking beyond individual benefit. That is our definition of organic food.

Industries: Food Services, Agriculture
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The Work

2. Business sustainability

We have structured our service to be easily scaled so that prices for organic products can gradually be market competitive, which will dramatically increase the rate of growth and incentivize more and more farmers to go organic. The core elements of our service - convenient, product variety, reasonable prices, strong hold on supply chain.

3. Innovation

We've successfully set up a farm-to-fork model in India, where the food supply is otherwise very complex, fragmented, and hard to fathom.

"This is the perfect job for me as my expertise is building brands, while promoting and leading a healthy lifestyles is my passion. I believe I Say Organic has taken the right steps towards becoming a major player in the domestic organic market, and I'm very excited to a be part of this journey."

— Aakanksha Kapoor Marketing Manager

"I've been with the company since the 1st day it became operational. I have been encouraged to work independently and take on new responsibilities, while having an open relationship with the management. I would've never learnt so much in my previous supervisor jobs."

— Lovekush Agarwal Warehouse Supervisor


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