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Krishi Star

Krishi Star

Krishi Star works in direct partnership with small farmers to bring quality, premium products to its customer. Our vision is creating farmer ownership all the way from harvest through to manufacture to ensure maximum benefit to farmer's livelihoods.

Industries: Agriculture, Manufacturing/Distribution, Food Services
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The Work

2. Business sustainability

ï‚· We identify market needs and provide the capital and operational expertise necessary to launch processing units ï‚· The units are funded as joint ventures with farmers; over time farmers become full owners of the units, thus owning a more stable part of the value chain ï‚· Krishi Star markets their products under a brand that represents small farmers.

3. Innovation

Our products are fresher than fresh - completely natural, farm fresh, and locally sourced. Completely Natural – No preservatives added to any of our products Farm Fresh – Processed immediately near the farm to minimize time between harvest and manufacture. This maintains our products at a fresher point than what you could get with market-bought fresh produce because it removes the need for rural to urban transport and storage. Locally Sourced –Sourced directly from local small farmers

"Krishi Star has proved to be everything I dreamed of. It has been hard work, but the environment has always stayed dynamic, fun and full of energy. From working out of coffee shops (we do now have an office!) to driving out to the farms at 5am!"

— Agastya Chopra Head of Marketing

"The Krishi Star experience has given me exposure to all areas of the business and provided me with the opportunity to network extensively with other organizations associated with social enterprise. The newly formed team are able to operate at big picture/detailed level & remain true to their cause."

— David Nott Retail Consultant


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