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MicroGraam Marketplace

MicroGraam Marketplace

Micrograam is an microcredit platform that allows investors to earn assured returns while using the money to improve the lives of the underserved by facilitating them micro-loans for setting up micro-businesses, getting an education, buying cow, etc.

Industries: Banking/Financial Services, Agriculture, Advertising
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The Work

2. Business sustainability

At MicroGraam we practice business sustainability in a three-fold manner. First we are a for-profit company that earns a percentage of each transaction or loan made, 1.5%, much like a credit card company. Second, we provide a competitive return to investors, between 0-8% to our investors. By providing a competitive return, we are able to show people that investing in rural development can be sustainable and not only achieved through grants or non-profit organizations. Lastly, by providing afford

3. Innovation

Our innovation is that we are able to leverage technology to lower the cost of micro-credit. Additionally we are able to lower the risk to the investors by providing guaranteed repayment of the principle amount. The combination of these two innovations results in an investment vehicle that is as safe as a fixed deposit (100% repayment in the last 12 months) and with the same return to investors (6-8%).

"“I came from the US to learn more about microcredit and grassroots economic development in India. My experience working at MicroGraam has allowed me to have one foot in the field, meeting borrowers and NGO partners, and another in the business side of the company, developing and implementing marketi"

— Meera Sawker Marketing Executive

"I came to MicroGraam with good experience in rural vocational training. Financial Inclusion had always interested me. MicroGraam gave me an opportunity to understand the needs of this segment and more importantly why we need to create customised products for this group. I learnt quite a lot and jo"

— Krishnamurthy N NGO Coordinator


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