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OPEN is a new & growing association of leading grassroots organizing initiatives from 10 nations across the globe. Our member groups empower 11+ million supporters to act together for the common good. We help them do it.

Industries: Advocacy, Internet/E-Commerce, Conferencing/Events
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The Work

2. Business sustainability

OPEN is 51% funded by member organizations and relies on foundations and philanthropic supporters for the rest. We have been funded so far by several major foundations including the Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Brothers.

3. Innovation

We are attempting to redefine the art of trans-national collaboration. We believe the challenges we face require a global response. But we know the decision makers we seek to influence operate primarily at a national level. So we seek to knit together a sisterhood of independent, like-minded orgs to share the best of what they have while remaining true to their national roots. Not easy. But worth doing.

"The best part of working at OPEN is it combines the variety of a consulting life style with the mission-focus and relationship building elements of a dedicated team. I really enjoy supporting the new OPEN groups and envisioning big picture tech strategy for the whole project."

— Manu Kabahizi Tech Director

"Working for OPEN is a real honor and joy. It's a fast moving environment that still has a lot of growing to do. But the potential is huge and I'm so grateful to be on board in the initial stage. Ben is a thoughtful leader with tons of respect in our field, and the team is full of incredible people."

— Michelle Dixon Outreach Director


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