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Project Potential

Project Potential

Project Potential identifies, trains, and supports local leaders we call Village Visionaries, who help their communities grow into model villages, where everyone is fulfilled and happy. We call this Gross Village Happiness, as it is a more contextualized, self-defined version of Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness.

Industries: Foundation/Trust
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The Work

2. Business sustainability

We leverage an asset identification technique where our village visionaries go into their community and collect data. In order to compile and analyze this data our partners provide a mobile data collection app. and which allows for the data to be monetized. We have revenue sharing contract where data is sold to organizations with shared values. Funds are then cycled back into our program and are supplemented by our “Support a Village” fundraising campaigns.

3. Innovation

The Village Visionary Program: A low cost model that effectively leverages local knowledge and local resources to uplift rural India. The innovative model focuses on identifying, training, supporting, and connecting overlooked local visionaries in rural India to ignite local solutions for shared community visions.

"It takes a village to raise a child. Ever wonder what it takes to raise a village?"

— Ankit Shah Director of US Operations

"Madad. Mehanat. Mannat. (Help others. Work hard. Devotion)"

— Abodh Kumar CFO


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