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Vera Solutions

Vera Solutions

Vera works with social impact organizations to create affordable, powerful and flexible technology solutions that put real-time information in the hands of the people who need it. We give organizations unprecedented access to their own data, changing the way they operate.

Industries: Consulting
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The Work

2. Business sustainability

Our work is centered on Salesforce’s platform, the world’s leading cloud application development platform. allows you to build custom relational databases, streamline and automate organizational workflow, and store all your data on the cloud. Whether you’re tracking individual HIV prevention program participants in South Africa or trying to connect migrant youth to employment opportunities in Latin America, the possibilities on are infinite.

3. Innovation

Our clients include NGOs, social businesses, donors, investors, research institutions, and more. We work closely with them to understand how more real-time access to higher-quality information can help drive their business—whether that business is managing a portfolio of investments or running a rural community center—and design custom solutions to meet their needs and their context.

"“I’ve developed a skillset that I never thought I would have. As a Fellow, you’re basically getting trained in a system of logic. I can see so many patterns already as a result of having designed systems on""

— Jill Shah Fellow

""I feel I'm working at the cutting edge of international development. The intersection of technology and social impact business process has a lot of potential for innovation and growth.""

— Athan Makansi Associate Consultant


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