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VisionSpring's mission is to ensure affordable access to eyewear, everywhere. Through our distribution channels in India, Bangladesh, Rwanda and many more developing countries, we have been able to distribute more than 2,000,000 pairs of glasses.

Industries: Healthcare, Consumer Products, Retail
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The Work

2. Business sustainability

Subsidizing the cost of prescription and reading glasses through retail sales and philanthropic capital. Each year, we strive to lower the overall subsidy per pair of glasses through increasing our sales volume and maintaining a relatively consistent philanthropic capital input.

3. Innovation

Activating the latent potential of established distribution networks globally. Partnering with organizations that have developed the infrastructure to get our glasses to the largest number of customers who wouldn't normally be able to access them.

"Being part of a mission that truly changes peoples’ lives in the most remote areas where people don’t have access to simple things such as glasses which we take for granted."

— Nira Jethani Director of Finance

"Finding ways to solve the problem of 700 million people in the developing world not seeing well; being the catalyst for solutions that can get the job done is incredibly exciting!"

— Kevin Hassey CEO


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