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How it works


Building your profile

Are you looking for a job? Sign up here. Are you an organization looking to hire? Sign up here.

If you are an organization, build your profile to make a great impression on prospective employees. Once you submit, we will approve your profile within two business days, and you can begin posting jobs.

Job seekers, build out your profile with photos, videos, links, and other information to show prospective employers what sets you apart.


Posting and applying for jobs

Organizations, you can post as many jobs as you like! It's free, and anyone who visits our site can browse our job listings. You can start the job-posting process from your personal dashboard. Job seekers, you can browse all you want, but if you want to apply for a job, you will need to fill out all the required fields in your profile, if you haven't already.

To apply for a job, click the “Check Score & Bid” button on the job page itself. You will see your Fit Score for that particular job, and you'll be prompted to enter a bid amount (more on these below).


Your fit score

Each time a person applies for a job, we calculate a fit score using the information provided by the employer and the job applicant. The score helps employers and applicants see how closely they match. Keep in mind that this score is meant as an initial filter and should not affect your final decision to apply or interview. See the breakdown of the numbers below.

220-274 = Strong fit
165-219 = Good fit
110-165 = Average fit
55-109 = Low fit
1-54 = Not a fit

A fit score of zero means the applicant does not match one of six non-negotiables indicated by the organization. A zero fit score doesn't prevent someone from applying to a particular job; it simply alerts the employer that the applicant doesn't meet important criteria.



Job seekers, when you apply for a job, you will need to submit a bid amount. Most organizations provide a suggested salary range for each job they post, and your "bid" is simply your desired salary.

You can bid below, within, or above the salary range provided by the employer, and you can apply for as many jobs as you like. You can see the status of your bids on your Karmany dashboard.



Organizations can search our database and contact specific individuals to interview, or they can accept bids from individuals who apply for their jobs. If an organization accepts an applicant's bid, the applicant will receive an invitation to interview for that job.

*Please note: An organization's acceptance of a bid does not guarantee employment nor finalize salary terms. Acceptance merely moves a candidate to the to the next round of recruitment with that particular organization.

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